Sculpture for the Brede School Muziekbuurt, Admiraal Helfrichsingel 20 in Rijswijk, NL

Installation consisting of 8 elements

Materials used: Trespa, concrete, metal, composite wood, ceramics, artificial turf, tiles, paint, photo print on dibond 

Commissioned by the Municipality of Rijswijk in 2013, project finished in 2015

The sculpture was removed from the playground in 2019 due to conflicts over maintenance and use of space. 

Public space 

20B is a sculpture for the playground of the new location of a primary school. The work consists of 8 elements that are derived from a working period during which the artist installed her studio inside the school. Where the school focuses on learning and facts, the world on the playground stands for play and fiction. 20b is an attempt to turn the playground into a place where memories find shelter, reality can be questioned and stories begin.

305 x 153 x 200 cm, Trespa (printed), steel with yellow powder coating, composite planks, print on dibond (’20b’)
The home is the base of 20b. The address of the school is Admiraal Helfringsingel 20. 20A was taken, so the title of the work became 20b. 20b is a world different from the one on number 20. It is a place where the rules of number 20 need to be redefined and where reality can be questioned.

20 x 20 x 15 cm, glazed ceramic
The banana skin was left next to the door by Monkey – The Omniscient, an alter ego of the artist. At the start of the project in 2013, the artist installed a studio inside the school building and gave a presentation about her work in each class. Most of the work that she showed there was dealing with monkeys and bananas, so that’s what the artist was associated with by the children. The banana skin serves as a reality check and the autograph of the artist.

90 x 60 cm, photo printed on dibond, installed inside the school building.
The element Sky was based on drawings made by the schoolchildren. Up to the age of ± 7, they draw a blue horizontal line at the top of their paper and a green horizontal line at the bottom. These lines represent the sky and the ground. The rest of the drawing is situated between these two lines. The idea was to begin the story of 20b with a blue line and end with a green line as well. A banner was installed on the playground, hanging between two poles. The banner showed a 1:1 print of blue wallpaper that was used to represent the sky in an earlier work. Unfortunately, the construction of the banner collapsed. To create a monument for the sky, a picture was taken in which 6 people, dressed as gorillas (an alter ego of the artist) hold up the sky. This photo is installed inside the school building. On the place where the original banner was installed, the text ‘Hier hing ooit de lucht.’ (This is where the sky once hung) is painted on the ground.

300 x 50 x 40 cm, concrete beam, artificial turf
The Ground underlines 20B and serves as a bench next to the soccer pitch.

Pond & Pier
140 x 109 x 60 cm (pier), ± 300 x 300 (pond), composite planks, wood, blue tiles
The children’s biggest wish for their new playground was a swimming pool. Because that was not possible, a fake pond, consisting of blue tiles, and a small pier were installed.

Variable dimensions, white spray paint
To create the illusion of history on the new playground, fake traces were created, suggesting hidden treasures and walking routes. Because the playground is being used intensively, the traces are fading and become reality.

120 x 80 x 60, concrete, paint, photo print on dibond
Two solid concrete shapes with a picture attached to the front serve as goals. The borders of the goal are open to question. By hitting the goal with a ball, the photos will slowly fade and be taken over by reality.