A profile article on Katinka van Gorkum written by Pia Louwerens, produced during Sommerakademie Salzburg – 2016, in collaboration with Kimberley Bradley.


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Katinka van Gorkum (Rotterdam, 1988) is a visual artist, performer and writer interested in the interior as a figure for interiority. Van Gorkum's life and practice are intimately intertwined, with the concept of 'a house' at the center. She sees a house not as a fixed concept but as a skin, a part of the surface with which people cover the world around them. Through the private domain, she investigates the interior world of humans.

Recently she has started exploring the notions of interior and interiority in virtual space using the design program SketchUp. Through extending her research in virtual space, Van Gorkum problematizes the question of exteriorizing the interior and brings up questions about (dis)orientation, scale, groundlessness, perspective and entering and sharing an interior.

From April 2020 until February 2021 Van Gorkum is an artist-in-residence at Stichting B.A.D. in Rotterdam. During this period she is exploring expanding her artistic practice through writing.

August ’20