Created and performed within the context of a.pass - Advanced Performance and Scenography Studies, Brussels, at Szenne space.

With the support of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds & Stichting Theodora Niemeijer

~ Marketplace

Marketplace consisted of 12 online advertisements placed on the website, a Belgian website meant for selling secondhand goods. The advertisements were created based on one-on-one conversations
during a performance, in which the audience was presented with a series of photos of objects that belonged to the artist. They were asked to decide which objects she should sell online, and motivate their choice. The ads include all the various reasons why the object was no longer desired as stated by the several participants of the performance. All objects were eventually sold/given away via, except for the lamp.

The first two images show the advertisements in a virtual marketplace that is part of a virtual studio in the program SketchUp.