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This video has been realized with the support of the Mondriaan Fund

To be...Polly D.

In the video To be…Polly D. Van Gorkum used alter egos to fictionalize an autobiographical storyline. The primary one, Polly, looks like a thinner drag-queen version of singer Dolly Parton. She first emerged during some intense theme-parties (bordering on performance art) at the artists' home. To be... Polly D. is a short documentary fiction that treats the life of Polly according to two other alter egos: Zuster van der Gaag, the nurse of an institution where Polly was treated, and K. van Gorkum, a glossier version of the artist herself. Their stories recall meeting Polly, Polly moving to different houses, at a certain moment becoming depressed and having to move to an institution, going on holiday, and having a relapse.

The story of Polly is a distorted version of Van Gorkum's autobiographical story, including bouts with depression. As Van Gorkum put it, she 'didn't have to make up any of it.'

Text by Pia Louwerens